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The experience of being in psychotherapy or counselling is unique.  I am trained as an integrative therapist, which means that I draw upon a range of modalities to help my clients.  The therapy sessions are usually once a week for 50 minutes at an agreed time.  Whilst the therapy is mainly talking therapy, I sometimes use creative materials to aid the work, helping my clients to access difficult emotions which they have had to keep suppressed all their lives.


Together we can examine, without judgment, what brings you to counselling, why things are difficult now, and what you wish could be different.

Through the compassion and understanding that therapist and client develop, change is made possible.

Why might you choose therapy?

Although therapy isn’t always an intuitive choice, the opportunity to have time with another person who you don’t know personally, can be extremely liberating.

There may be a particular event or crisis which has brought you to consider therapy, or there may be a block or an ingrained pattern which you feel you need to address.

Our bodies and minds have developed strategies for coping with what is thrown at us, and sometimes these coping strategies cease to work.  When this happens, therapy can allow a safe space to explore what needs to change so that life is less difficult.


'I sought Reena's help during a period of relative stability in my life, looking to address an inner disquiet of which I was aware but unable to precisely define.


From the start, Reena provided a safe and secure environment from which we could explore painful memories and feelings constructively. Always able to talk with absolute frankness, but without any associated judgement, we used a variety of techniques to gently break down the emotional barriers I had become accustomed to putting up.


Very gradually, I feel I came to accept my past and develop the ability to master the impact it has on my life going forward. Our work has given me peace of mind - something I feared I'd never have again. My only regret is that it took me so long to seek her help.'


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